Tuesday, September 7, 2010

tears of realization

Sunday at church we took communion. 
it wasn't done in the normal fashion of our church.
instead we were given the elements and time.
time to reflect,
time to think.
i reflected,
i thought,

in the past when i have participated in communion it has been different. i have not fully understood it. i have cried. i have been filled with joy. i have just gone through the motions. each time has been its own experience. 

Sunday was a new experience. 
as i sat with the bread and juice in my hands, head down, leaning on my knees i just thought. 
i began to pray. and Jesus opened my eyes a bit wider to the picture. 
in the past i was always focused on what Jesus did. 
i tried to comprehend it all.
take it in.
accept it.
realize that i am not worthy yet i am able to receive the gift offered.

Sunday was more about what if...
what if Jesus didn't do what He did.
didn't come to the earth.
didn't make disciples.
didn't resist temptation.
didn't come to seek and save the lost.
wasn't beaten.
wasn't nailed to a cross.
wasn't ridiculed.
wasn't seen as a fool.
didn't die.
didn't raise from death.
didn't ascend into heaven and sit at the right hand of God.

if He didn't...
i wouldn't even be able to imagine the life i now live.
i couldn't even begin to see hope.
not just be hopeless,
i wouldn't be able to imagine hope.
i would be living a life of emptiness.



c h a s i n g 

never catching that thing that satisfies. 

i mean, i've wondered what life would be like if i never humbled my life before Jesus. 
but i haven't thought too much about Him not doing what He did.
there would be no chance. 
the gap between us and God would be just as wide and impossible to cross as it was from the Fall of Adam and Eve. 

n o  h o p e

n o  l i f e 

n o  l o v e 

so Praise the Lord! 
because Jesus DID.
come to the earth.
did make disciples.
did resist temptation.
did come to seek and save the lost.
was beaten.
was nailed to a cross.
was ridiculed.
was seen as a fool.
did die.
did raise from death.
did ascend into heaven and sit at the right hand of God.

and now we are able to take communion.
we get to take "His body and His blood".
it is tangible.
He is tangible.

hope, life, love


t a n g i b l e

it came in the form of Jesus.

tears, awe, joy, worship. 
the response of my heart. 

whether you 
acknowledged the Lord today or not. 
felt guilty.
were joyful.
fought with someone.
fell into an old habit.
lived fully for Jesus today.
no matter what you did or where you are at in this moment...

praise Jesus. experience His gift. live into Him. grasp the tangible gifts that He has so humbly given. 
worship the Lord of lords and the King of kings. 

Thank you Jesus. Thank you for making me a child of God. Without you I would be walking in darkness. I would be lost and wanting. I wouldn't even know I was missing you. So I praise your name. I give you thanks. I desire to give all that I have to You and your glory. Thank you for letting me imagine a life without out You rather than being on the other side of the spectrum. You are Holy. You are good. You are God. Thank you for love. Thank you for allowing me to know the truth of hope, of life, of love, and your face. Jesus you are incredible.