Monday, February 11, 2013

Not because, just


This word is often used to justify. Justify this because of that. Before we use 'because' we are, generally, asked 'why?' But to one thing I can answer without having to say because_____.

God is good.

Just that. God IS good.

He is not good because of what He has done.
He is not good because of what He does not do.
He is not good because He blesses.

There is no need to justify that God is good. How incredible is that? He is God and He is good. All the other things flow out of His goodness. His goodness is not determined or defined by things. The things are deemed good because they are from Him.

Just rest in that. Let your mind dwell on it. Our God is good. Without that... It wouldn't matter if He loved us, was on our side, or any other thing. If He was not good then what kind of love would it be that He poured out on us? If He was not good then what difference would it make if He was our advocate?

You see? It is not the things that make God good. He, by His very nature is good. Without Him we would not even have good in our vocabulary.

Now that you understand that take a moment to add on top of His goodness how He chooses to use it and lavish us with that which we have never or will ever deserve.

God is good.