Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what we stand for

the authors of Perspectives:On the World Christian Movement define witness as such:

"A witness is what you are far more than what you do. God arranges for His servants to display what they declare. By public testimony in the face of hostility, ordinary people accomplish far more than merely affirming the truth of Christ. Witnesses establish the value of following Christ. Their persuasive power is not only because their words match their life-their words and their life match those of Christ Himself. It is as if Christ Himself stands to testify before the world." - Steven C. Hawthorne

talk about a standard for life! too often we say "this is such an opportunity for me to witness" rather than looking at every single day, every choice, every word,every  action, every conversation,every  attitude, and every mindset as a witness.

the reality is that whether we chose to or not we are a witness everyday. people will see something in us, but it may not be that of Christ. we don't have to go out on a mission everyday to seek out someone to "witness to". the pieces of our lives need to add up to Christ. a simple choice may seem small but if it lines up with Christ it is huge. it is different. it is the sum of our everything that needs to equal being a witness of Jesus not one trip or projectt every so often.


challenge attitude
challange words
challenge reactions
challenge conditional love
challenge grudges
challenge anger
challenge discouragement
challenge judgment
challenge lies
challenge injustice

just as Jesus challenged the world, we should challenge the world.

He took our place on the cross then left this earth.
We are here. We are to take His place.
our witness is to be "as if Christ Himself stnads to testify before the world."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

dream like Jesus

right now i have so many thoughts. i want to talk about this or that and bring it all together. but that would simply turn into a book rather than a simple blog. i wanted to talk about creativity, relationships, being like Jesus, dreams, being radical, and so many other things. maybe i can bring these ideas together. let's try


i often find myself saying that i am not a creative person. well not when it comes to important things in life at least. but wasn't i created in the image of God? God created me. He is the Creator. God is creative which means i am creative. i have the ability to be creative. saying i am not creative is separating myself from the person God created me to be. so i got to thinking and i realized that i am a dreamer. i dream every day. i look at the future and dream.

what is dreaming if not creating?
we don't know the details of our future so we dream.
we create options.
dreaming = creating

this leads me to think that for me to be Christlike. to be like Jesus...
dreaming is an essential part of discipleship.
i have to be able to look at this world and dream of the desires that overflow from Christ's heart.
in a recent conversation with my good friend B in Canada we brought up the idea of dreaming. while the context had nothing to do with being like Jesus i said something in the moment that both of us thought was great, not because it was my thought though. I think it was great because it lines up with Christ.
I said something along the lines of, "then we can't be anything different than what's in front of us.
If we don't step into dreams."

this is why i think it's crucial to being like Christ to dream.
dreaming = creating
Christ is creative, one with the Creator.
we are to be like Christ which means being creative.
dreaming is a form of being creative.

God gives us dreams. He allows us into His mind, heart, and will.
why would He give us such an opportunity if He didn't want us to do something with it?
once we are exposed to His heart we are responsible for sharing it.
why do you think salvation comes through a Person?
salvation enters you into a relationship with Jesus,
a relationship that reveals who He is to us.
He came and lived, asking His disciples to do as He did, and then He passed on the action to everyone who claims to follow Him.
we are to do as He did.
how can we know that if He does not reveal it?
dreams are a place where God can reveal His desires to us.

but more than just dreaming we must actually do something with those dreams.
the dreams must go from our minds to our mouths, feet, hands,and relationships.

so here is what i say.
but do not be afraid to step into them. i love dreaming and seeing what life could be like if i wholeheartedly, passionately, and uninterruptedly lived a life of full glory to God.
i get distracted by the world around me. i am afraid to step into the dreams because they are so different than what is in front of me.
the difference is what shows me that i need to step into them.
Jesus was different. He is holy.
to be holy means to be set apart, to be different.

so dare to dream the dreams and look into the heart of God.
then we can bring a different reality to the world, a holiness.

i'll stop this entry here for now. like i said, i'm not writing a book, not yet at least.
more thoughts to come on living a radical life, a life after Jesus.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Perspective Glasses

Thank you Steven C. Hawthorne for your words:

hope. "God has called us to live our lives as a bold act of hope. To hope is not merely to wish for small improvements of personal circumstances. Hope expects all things, large or little, to be overwhelmed and filled with the immense glory of Christ. Thus, true hope pursues global glory and total triumph over evil. Lives of hope can face great evil with relentless courage, since there is no telling how soon God will break through with ultimate victory."

I think it's time we go to the Doctor and get some new glasses. Our outlook on life is far too easily tainted and blurred. So let's try on some new perspectives. How about hope? True hope that is.