Wednesday, February 23, 2011

what we stand for

the authors of Perspectives:On the World Christian Movement define witness as such:

"A witness is what you are far more than what you do. God arranges for His servants to display what they declare. By public testimony in the face of hostility, ordinary people accomplish far more than merely affirming the truth of Christ. Witnesses establish the value of following Christ. Their persuasive power is not only because their words match their life-their words and their life match those of Christ Himself. It is as if Christ Himself stands to testify before the world." - Steven C. Hawthorne

talk about a standard for life! too often we say "this is such an opportunity for me to witness" rather than looking at every single day, every choice, every word,every  action, every conversation,every  attitude, and every mindset as a witness.

the reality is that whether we chose to or not we are a witness everyday. people will see something in us, but it may not be that of Christ. we don't have to go out on a mission everyday to seek out someone to "witness to". the pieces of our lives need to add up to Christ. a simple choice may seem small but if it lines up with Christ it is huge. it is different. it is the sum of our everything that needs to equal being a witness of Jesus not one trip or projectt every so often.


challenge attitude
challange words
challenge reactions
challenge conditional love
challenge grudges
challenge anger
challenge discouragement
challenge judgment
challenge lies
challenge injustice

just as Jesus challenged the world, we should challenge the world.

He took our place on the cross then left this earth.
We are here. We are to take His place.
our witness is to be "as if Christ Himself stnads to testify before the world."