Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have come to find that within the world of Christianity we far too often busy ourselves talking about the non-essentials. We get lost in the do’s and don’ts, carry on about what if’s, and argue religion.
I have been a fan of simplicity. Not because it’s easy and I am lazy.
 Simplicity brings clarity.
 Simplicity takes away the fluff.
Simplicity gets to the point.
I know that I am not the only one who has been absolutely blown away by a sentence, a statement, or a quote. And the amazement always comes when it is so simple. Simplicity doesn’t have to mean stupid.
I have this professor that often times says the simplest things that blow me away. The other day in class Dr. Ledbetter said,
“Death could not hold Jesus because death was the result of sin…Jesus was without sin!”
We try to fluff these things up and sound so smart in order to prove to others that Jesus is Savior. The reality is simple.
Death was the best that the enemy could work up and Jesus defeated it hands down.
He came.
He resisted temptation.
He was blameless and pure.
He defeated sin.
He rose from death because death could not hold Him!
He paid our price and made a way.