Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chosen Desire

let me start off by being honest: my commitment to reading the Word, using tools such as my devotional and music, and to prayer has been anything bu strong lately.

i said that because i stumbled across a great snippet in my devo from a past date that i just didn't get to on that day along with several others.

it's a truth that i'm pretty certain i have known, but never discussed truly.
or said myself in such simple terms. so here it is.

"It may be hard for us to understand, but this salvation for which we
thank God isn't entirely about ourselves. True, we were bought with a price
and shown the magnitude of God's mercy. We were redeemed because we
needed redemption and saved because we needed saving. We were
cleansed of sin because we were dirty and pardoned
because we were treasonous.
But the rhyme and reason of creation isn't humanity.
It's God.
Humans, like all things were created by Him and for Him
(Romans 11:36; Colossians 1:16)....

Our salvation is not a random, happy accident. It is a divine appointment
with a holy Suitor. We have a calling we have not even begun to grasp."
-Chris Tiegreen, Worship the King Devotional

"I knew nothing; I was nothing. For this reason, God picked me out."
-Catherine Laboure
God did create this earth from nothing but Him, His nature, His power, His creativity.
i'm pretty sure He can handle the blank canvas of humanity.

Monday, July 18, 2011

i want to drown

on my run this evening one of my favorite songs came on
Meet Me By the River

"Oh, I know.
Oh, I'm undone.
I'm drowning in His love."

i have told people about this truth
i've told myslef about it
His love is so great that we are drowning it

but are we really?
are we allowing ourselves to drown in His love?
know of it? yes.
talk about it? yes.
tell others of it? yes.
but, drown? i doubt it.
take advantage of it? yes.
stop realizing the extent of it? yes.
but, submerge ourselves to the point of drowning? i haven't seen the evidence.

i'm calling myself out more than anyone so don't get offended.
or maybe, do get offended.
get mad!
get angry!
at yourself.
at myself.
for not letting our Father lavish us in His love so deep that we can no longer breathe on our own.

if i were to draw a picture of me right now:

fighting to stay afloat the water.
His love is surrounding me and i won't let it take me.
i feel it.
i know it.
but my humanness has to fight the possibility of drowning.

you see, His kingdom is all backwards.
if we were in water the rule would be to fight,
fight for your life.
don't let the water take you over, resist!

oh sweet Jesus.
in order to gain life in His kingdom we must let go,
stop fighting,
give in,
and drown.

imagine living life in a way
in a way that only gives you the view of love.
every direction you turn is love.
like being 300 feet down in the middle of the ocean.
it doesn't matter what way is up because you don't want to leave this place.
instead of breathing in air you take in the love surrounding you.
let Jesus breathe for you.

we have to stop the struggle of one foot in His kingdom and the other in the world.
we can't fight the drown.
it's not worth it.
sink down to the bottom

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

my whiteboard

it's good for to sit and write sometimes.
make myself think.
but tonight i didn't have to think.

i sat on my bed
looked to my right.
there sits my whiteboard that i had hanging in my dorm room...last fall
i'm not one to decorate so it's sitting sideways against my wall
i haven't even erased it.
well what's on it a a prayer i wrote out from a devotional i did for a class.

it just so happens to be incredibly fitting for this season of life.

"Dear heavenly Father, You are the Potter and I am the clay.
Please forgive me for doubting Your wisdom in making me
or for resenting Your sculpting of my life. I thank You that I am
fearfully and wonderfully made and that all things indeed
are working for good in my life. Your ways and thoughts are much
higher than mine, so I choose to rest in You and Your ways. You
indeed are at work in me both to will and work for Your
good pleasure. Do what You will in me, Lord, for Your glory."

thank you Jesus for not letting me erase that.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

open to darkness

as i sat down with thoughts in my head and hands ready to type the Lord gave me new thoughts. as many of you know i am an analogy person. i love them. i love using them. i love how God teaches me about His vast beauty through simple illustrations. i mean it makes sense. God must humble His greatness in a way that our human minds can try to grasp it all. simple humans need simple analogies. thank the Lord that He is incredible.

i am a night person. sure i wake up in the mornings, but the times that i always find myself in deep thought or writing in my journal or writing on this thing as if people read it, it is 95% of the time night. as i sat down tonight a new way was given to me to think about it all. bare with me and see if you can follow my thoughts...

night brings about a peaceful time for me.
it is simple.
the night sky takes away all the distractions.
i am able to focus much better.

now this crazy thought came about for me that goes along so well with what the Lord has been teaching me and pushing me into.

for me, in this American, comfortable, lazy life i so easily can and will do anything but what is productive for the Lord. in the daytime i am aware of all that is around me. i see the silly distractions of the t.v., pool, computer, bed, etc. sure it's still there at night, in the darkness, but for some reason it isn't as appealing.

i want my life to be like this. but instead of the darkness being something that brings comfort the way the night sky does what if it were the opposite? what if i were aware of the darkness of the Enemy around me as i am the night sky? what if that brought me comfort. crazy? not when you think of it this way. because i am surrounded by darkness i am forced into the arms of the Father, ever living in my Refuge and Solid Rock. so through the darkness i am brought comfort because rather than letting the worldly distractions hide the actual darkness and allow me to be leisurely walking through life with a "christian" stamp on my forehead, i run to the Jesus and allow Him to mark my next step, every step of the way.

how can i be used as light to the world if i am not walking through the darkness? turn on a flashlight during the middle of the day in a bright room and how much difference does it make? none.

give a christian a comfortable home, no accountability, gadgets galore, a bubble of christian friends, etc. and what difference does it make in the world? i can't say none because God's presence is in them which brings more of Him to earth, but He isn't being shared. so the difference isn't much. it's almost like turning on your flashlight in the middle of the day in a bright room.

so do i dare pray for darkness? i'm not sure about that. but pray for the blinders to be lifted from my eyes? yes, Lord bring the awareness. pray that the Lord take away these "comforts?" yes, Lord take them.

i found myself earlier in my car crying out to the Lord that He would sweep me off the feet i have placed myself upon. i have been living life as if i know what tomorrow may bring. as if i know what's best for me. as if i was my own creator. so, Lord, knock me down, sweep me up, and rebuild me with eyes anew, Spirit refreshed, actions transformed. push me into the darkness so that You may be the Light for the lost. show me how to constantly be in love with you, passionately.

i want my focus on You to be a constant.