Monday, July 18, 2011

i want to drown

on my run this evening one of my favorite songs came on
Meet Me By the River

"Oh, I know.
Oh, I'm undone.
I'm drowning in His love."

i have told people about this truth
i've told myslef about it
His love is so great that we are drowning it

but are we really?
are we allowing ourselves to drown in His love?
know of it? yes.
talk about it? yes.
tell others of it? yes.
but, drown? i doubt it.
take advantage of it? yes.
stop realizing the extent of it? yes.
but, submerge ourselves to the point of drowning? i haven't seen the evidence.

i'm calling myself out more than anyone so don't get offended.
or maybe, do get offended.
get mad!
get angry!
at yourself.
at myself.
for not letting our Father lavish us in His love so deep that we can no longer breathe on our own.

if i were to draw a picture of me right now:

fighting to stay afloat the water.
His love is surrounding me and i won't let it take me.
i feel it.
i know it.
but my humanness has to fight the possibility of drowning.

you see, His kingdom is all backwards.
if we were in water the rule would be to fight,
fight for your life.
don't let the water take you over, resist!

oh sweet Jesus.
in order to gain life in His kingdom we must let go,
stop fighting,
give in,
and drown.

imagine living life in a way
in a way that only gives you the view of love.
every direction you turn is love.
like being 300 feet down in the middle of the ocean.
it doesn't matter what way is up because you don't want to leave this place.
instead of breathing in air you take in the love surrounding you.
let Jesus breathe for you.

we have to stop the struggle of one foot in His kingdom and the other in the world.
we can't fight the drown.
it's not worth it.
sink down to the bottom