Wednesday, July 13, 2011

my whiteboard

it's good for to sit and write sometimes.
make myself think.
but tonight i didn't have to think.

i sat on my bed
looked to my right.
there sits my whiteboard that i had hanging in my dorm room...last fall
i'm not one to decorate so it's sitting sideways against my wall
i haven't even erased it.
well what's on it a a prayer i wrote out from a devotional i did for a class.

it just so happens to be incredibly fitting for this season of life.

"Dear heavenly Father, You are the Potter and I am the clay.
Please forgive me for doubting Your wisdom in making me
or for resenting Your sculpting of my life. I thank You that I am
fearfully and wonderfully made and that all things indeed
are working for good in my life. Your ways and thoughts are much
higher than mine, so I choose to rest in You and Your ways. You
indeed are at work in me both to will and work for Your
good pleasure. Do what You will in me, Lord, for Your glory."

thank you Jesus for not letting me erase that.