Wednesday, June 8, 2011

finding comfort by leaving it

there's a truth i know:
Jesus is more than enough

but what about when there is all the stuff that isn't enough?
when there is a wall built up of junk
a wall that hides that truth

i find myself the most satisfied in life when there is the least around me
when there are more people than things
when you want to sit in silence
listen to a song and turn it into worship
read the Word instead of turn on the tv

and the times when there are too many things to choose from?
they are empty.

d i s c o n n e c t e d

so i am most comfortable when i am not surrounded by the "comforts" of this world

because of this:
i want to live an "uncomfortable" life

be different, not to stand out
but to better strive for a pure life that indulges in Jesus

i can only pour out what i take in
right now it is not just Jesus
i get distracted and lazy

i hate it

so who wants to join me?
go find a simple place to live
get some roommate who are passionate about Jesus
be known for:
taking in the hungry

all these conveniences we have don't make being a Christ follower convenient.

there's nothing convenient about living for Jesus
that would take out the excitement, mystery, and faith

so back off Satan and get your stupid "things" out of the way
you're just afraid of what will happen in this world if all those who follow Jesus stop buying into your lies.

when Christians were called such it was meant to make fun of them
they were called "little Christs"

i don't want to be a Christian simply because i go to church
i want to be called so because people identify me as someone who is like Christ

it's been too uncomfortable within my comfort

i want to be so comfortable in what the world would see as an uncomfortable life

leave it to gain it

leave the world to gain Jesus

simple truths i've known but just haven't seemed to come around to living consistently yet