Tuesday, October 11, 2011

on my face,soaked in tears

I just had one of the most intamite times with the Lord. It was unlike any experience  I have really ever had. I would love to explain and share, but I still can't comprehend it all. However, part of this time included a poem that He inspired me to write. I'm not sure if anyone will get it or appreciate it because it was literaly just penned. But I do believe the Lord never does something in a life just for that single person so for that reason I share it. After many tears and attempt after attempt to speak the name of Jesus correctly, my pen started writing. And the tears didn't stop till the end. Have with it what you will.

In Your presence
    there is no comprehension,
                  no way to contain.
The words You spoke,
    the beating You took,
             the blood You shed.
All done by the authority
     in Your name.

You promised the temple
     to be destroyed.
       to be rebuilt in just three days.
The mocks were made
      with laughing loud.
But on the cross you revealed to the proud
      that pride comes
                  before the fall.

They thought they could defeat You
    by putting You to death
But after three days
    You breathed new life
            with just one breath.
The temple was rebuilt
      not of stone, of wood, or clay.
The temple was made new
     it was rebuilt in You.
The stone rolled back
   and from the grave You walked.
The Savior was alive!
    the man that they
                once mocked.

Before You walked this earth,
    winning was the enemy.
But through Your blood,
      the Truth and Life,
he has no victory over me.
You sent the Helper to dwell,
       dwell in my heart,
                my soul,
                      my mind.
So with all I am
      and all I have
  please let us be intertwined.

Your death and resurrection
       are not just a story
They are the proclamation  of victory!
       Victory over the devil!
       Victory over the flesh!
       Victory each and every day!

Thank You for reconciliation.
 I submit my life to be
       in constant admiration.
Though I may fail
       and I may slip
Your love will never fail
     and I will never be
           let from Your grip.

In Your presence is where
      I want to be.
Fear and trembling, joy and singing
All of this I get to share
       with You
Because I am not chained
   or held, but in You
           I have been made free.

You took my place on the cross
     so have Your way in me
On this earth let me be
    the lips that speak Your words.
In this place let every
     heart and saddened face
               be renewed in who You are
So that each new life
     may be of You
             a living memoir.

Thank You forYour grace
     and thank You for Your love.
Please be my guiding light
    when darkness closes in
So that from the hands
      of the enemy I may
            ascend like a dove
Let me be Your living testimony
    to tell of all You've done.
To share with the world
     that each and every heart
          has already been won.

The Lord is Holy,
     Pure, and Strong
And all my days I
     I will work
to make that
       my life song.