Friday, October 8, 2010


emotions of all kinds happening.
my mind is chaos at the moment.
the only thing that is still.
the one thing that isn't shaken by the things of this world.
the one thing that I can turn to in any situation.
in confusion.
witnessing pain.
experiencing brokenness for another.

Jesus is always there. 
He can't be moved from His throne.
His love is undoubtedly there.

Thank You Jesus for never freaking out when I do.
Thank You Jesus for having open arms when I need a refuge.
Thank You Jesus for understanding when I can't.
Thank You Jesus for giving me Your Hope.

Without Jesus I would be...

Without Jesus I would feel

These are things that I see too often in this world. 
Right now I am broken for those who do not accept Christ.
For those who let the world tell them who they are.
For those who hurt themselves so they can just feel something.
For those who are beautiful and yet can't see it themselves.
For those who cannot hope.
For those who see no point.

Jesus, without you I would have nothing. I would be so lost. I would turn to empty things for hope. Jesus thank you for capturing my heart. Thank you for desiring my soul. Thank you for being Lord over all. I pray for those who do not know you. I ask for that you open their eyes to the reality that You hold. Jesus shake them inside! Shake them so that all the chains of the enemy break and fall! Jesus scream so loud that they cannot ignore You. Jesus, show them how worthy they are. Show them what they mean to you. Pick them up and hold them tight. Let them feel your love so strong. Rain down Your Spirit. Rain down and clean them of the dirt that they have been living in. Cleanse them of the lies, the brokenness, the false hope, the emptiness. Flood them in Your love. Let them be overwhelmed by You, Lord. Jesus claim your children! Satan stand back because my Savior is mighty to save!! Jesus be lifted high and be made known! All these emotions, all these desires, all these requests I lay at Your feet,Lord. You have the power and authority and I trust in You.