Thursday, September 8, 2011

Word of Life

today I was reminded of how powerful the Word of God truly is.
we visited a sister in Christ who happens to be a widow.
her husband died a the young age of 38.
she had a daughter and twin boys.
she worked hard to provide for her children.

she was not a Christian.

as time went on her daughter got married.
they were Christian and the husdband tried speaking to the widow about Christ.
he told her that she was living life wrong because she wasn't living for Christ.
she isnisted that her life was good. she was a hard worker.
well her twin boys started hanging around the wrong crowd.
drugs.alcohol.harsh words.
she didn't know what to do.
her son-in-law said he would take them for 1 week.
during that week he made them work around the house and yard.
saturday of the week he took them to a Bible study.
Sunday one twin repented.
when they went home their mother saw two different boys.
no alcohol. kind words instead of harsh.
they asked to go to church and she thought it was worth a try.
the other twin repented. both were baptized
eventually the widow gave her life to Christ through the help of her grandaughter preaching to her.
while we were sipping tea and listening to her story all I could hear was "power"
God's Word is power.

we left after a word of prayer.

in the car we reflected on how amazing it is that someone can be so changed once having met with Jesus. we talked about true Christ followers and one's who simply proclaim.
without live change there is no evidence of Christ.
Alexander mentioned that his church was filled with 1st generation Christians.
he proceeded to tell that he was 3rd generation.
his grandfather was the first in his family to be a Christian.

here is where it all hit me.

Alexander's grandfather didn't repent after an emotional sermon.
back then there was no option of that.
he didn't repent because someone convinced him.

he read the Word of God.

in case you didn't let that fully hit you please read it again.

he read the Word of God.

immediately I was reminded of the promise in Isaiah 55.
the Lord declares:
"So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty,
but it will accomplish what I desire
and acheive the purpose for which I sent it." 

this brought me encouragement and at the same time conviction.
how often do we forget that the Word of God needs no fixing up.
it is not dirty.
there is no fault in it.
it is not boring.
we need not add our eloquence.

the Word does not need us, we need the Word.

His Word will not return void!
rejoice in that!
dance in the grace of the promise!

when we think we are not equipped like other leaders out there we need to stop looking at our weaknesses and start looking to the power of the Word.
it doesn't matter how pretty you look or smooth your voice is.
the Word of God has a job and the One who powers that job is powerful.

I challenge you today to get into the Word and praise God for it.
stop takin for granted that fact that you get to hold the Word.
pray through the Word today, use it as a guideline.
share the Word today.
and don't be discouraged if there is no immediate response.
God works in His time and His place.
it will not return void.
for if it was false and empty you would not be reading this right now.
without His Word I would be just another lost, lonely, and conused soul out there searching for something among the nothingness of this world.
because of the Word we don't have to rely on ourselves.
proclaim the Word today and show the enemy that he is powerless against the Lord!