Thursday, September 1, 2011

a few funnies

I was thinking about it and with Max's help we put this little list together.

You know you're living in the Urkaine when...
*you can't understand the converstaion, not because of content but because you don't speak Russian
*Ashley wears longer shorts than all men
*you pour your milk from a bag
*(for Max) you only go #1 in the restroom but come back smelling like #2
*the car's trunk door opens on the highway rather than the bumpiest back road
*our favorite grocery store is an old night club
*consuming tea only once a day is weird
*Max is the best basketball player on the court
*the boys call Ashley "Lucy" because she's American
*Max and Ashley sing a song in front of the entire church...and they clap
*you shower sitting down without a curtain
*you use mayo more than we use Ranch
*bread is as standard as a napkin with your meal
*everyday consists of cherades simply to communicate
*walking into McDonald's makes you a "somebody" not just anybody