Monday, August 29, 2011

Slow Down Baby

I want to apologize to everyone reading this.
You only get the summed up version of all the incredible experiences.
For that I apologize, we get the best part.

This weekend we went camping with a small group of families and youth from the church.
Our time was spent in a quiet, secluded space in the forest next to a lake.
there was worship, prayer, stories.
I attempted to learn more Russian phrases which entertained the group alot.
while I didn't feel like I was able to communicate with the families as much as I would have liked
I was able to create some trust. As we lived together for 3 days they saw who I was as a person.
I wasn't just the American visitor,but instead I was the one playing with their children, rolling in the dirt as they climbed all over me.
I was the one was attempting to sing a song while max played guitar.
we were engaging on a different level.
while walls were breaking down, trust as being built in their place.

Today Alexander took me and max to visit some handicap children.
i had no idea what to expect going into it
i left with a desire to return as soon as possible
sure i can't say all the things i want to these children but the Lord blessed us with the ability to share smiles and laughs.
we heard each child's story and then gave them a new stuffed animal.
i heard the most precious songs sung by these children
i was filled with joy by a girl who couldn't speak
and more than anything i was humbled
at one point i held back tears while listening to a 5 year old sing a song about santa clause
the Lord displayed His beauty today.

Alexander is one incredible man.
His heart, his passion, his ministry all point to Jesus
there is no doubt in my mind tha the Lord will mold and shape me while working with Alex
He shared his vision for his ministry with me and max after dinner today.
I can't thank the Lord enough for this opportunity.
excitment can't fully describe how I feel.

here are a few pictures:

Susan(Alex's daughter),me, and Max at a Ukrainian wedding

Nadia(my new sister) and I on the trolly
eating cotton candy to celebrate Ukraine's independence